The Warforged Technocracy


The Technocracy is comprised of entirely warforged, once refugees of the once great Ilien empire. After the fall of the elven empire, most of the warforged deserted their rulers en-masse and founded their own city along the coast. Long since tired of both war and hard labor, they set their focus on purely academic and scientific routes, sorting themselves into various processing stacks, or houses, under a single High Automata, with the hope of bettering themselves and their society in general. The High Automata issues problems, issues, or needed developments to a specific house, who then combine all their creative and scientific mental processing into solving their issued task. Through this procedure, the Technocracy has become the center of technological advancement in the land, but they do not share it with just anyone. Much of what is discovered within the Technocracy’s large, monolithic structures that store the houses is kept within and closely guarded, traded only to empires which can in turn provide knowledge, new magic, or secret technologies the Technocracy itself has yet to discover.

Scholars, scientists, engineers, and other types who hope to gain benefit from the discoveries of the Technocracy come from all over, setting up an impromptu black market of science around the bases of the large windowless structures. The hope is that some masterful merchant will catch the eye of one of the warforged house units and be able to trade their wares for something as yet unknown in the outside world. This has happened many times in the past, with these entrepreneurial academics then going on to pass off the discoveries as their own. These markets also provide the houses with odds and ends they may need to help further solve whatever issue they may be attempting to solve at the time, but beyond this the interaction between the common rabble on the street and the house units within their structures is minimal at best.

The Technocracy is non-hostile in nature and has yet to commit or come under invasion. It is rumored that they have been able to keep the peace for so long because other nations find the benefits from trading with them outweighing their destruction, or that perhaps these other nations fear what secrets the Technocracy keep deep within their silent monoliths.

The Warforged Technocracy

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